The six week Hypno-Nutrition System

A revolutionary new approach to weight control!

Do you struggle to control your weight?

Have you tried various diets without getting the desired result?

The New Start Hypno-Nutrition system could be what you are looking for!

As well as addressing the important subject of nutrition and healthy eating, the New Start Hypno-Nutrition system also tackles the barriers to success that can often arise within the mind using Hypnotherapy techniques. Importantly, the system is individually customised depending on your needs.

Your nutritionist will provide you with:

  • An initial consultation including a complete review of eating habits
  • Weight and body composition monitoring
  • Introduction to the key concepts of weight control including exercise and well-being
  • Weekly meal plans with mix and match options and recipes
  • Email support and coaching

Your Hypnotherapist will build on the work with your nutritionist to overcome the psychological barriers to your success such as:

  • Emotional and habitual eating
  • Cravings
  • Unconscious eating
  • Motivation and inspirational goal setting
  • Increased self-confidence
  • You will also get a custom recorded MP3 or CD
  • Email support and coaching


Get all the benefits of the New Start Hypno-Nutrition six week coaching package for just

Choose the New Start Hypno-Nutrition system and change your life for the better!

For further information, please contact:
Lindsay Redman ( 07805 867873, email:
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