An Introduction To The Team (Part 2)


My name is Lee Shuttlewood. I am a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner based in Great Dunmow, Essex.

I’ve been a Hypnotherapist since 2005 when I attended my first Hypnotherapy Diploma course. I was hooked after that and have since then studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and continued training with many online and real world trainers. I continue to learn about Hypnotherapy and all things to do with the mind both for work and for pleasure (I know- a bit weird!!!!!).

I enjoy running (see picture above of me completing the Cambridge Half- Marathon in 2016- with Non-Alchoholic Beer in hand I hasten to add), music and films, have an interest in oriental philosophy and art, and practice Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qi Gong), also known as Taoist Chinese Yoga. I also play guitar to a very average standard.

I am passionate about my work and helping people to change. My belief is that Hypnotherapy should be a collaborative process and as such, I like to give my clients the tools they need to change. I call this Mental Kung Fu. Mainly due to the fact that I’ve watched too many Martial Arts movies, but also due to the real meaning of Kung Fu which is directly translated as below:

Kung in Chinese means “Skilful work, training or endeavor”

Fu in Chinese means “Time spent”

Therefore, Kung Fu could be translated as “Time spent in skilful work and training”.

A lot of the work I do with my clients is time spent learning mental skills and training the mind with those skills- what I call Mental Kung Fu and this is very useful when it comes to living healthily and making changes to our outlook on healthy eating.

On the Hypno-Nutrition courses, I complement the amazing advice and information that Lindsay provides with a unique approach to changing the bad habits and old patterns that could hold you back from being the person you want to be.

Each session we run has some hypnosis, visualisation or goal setting component that teaches you how to take command of your mind to overcome those hurdles that may hold you back and the skills I teach can be applied to other areas of your life after the course too!

Why not come along to our next introductory talk to find out more?

All we ask for from you is a small deposit that is fully refundable if you choose not to carry on with the course. What have you got to loose except for a few of those extra pounds?!

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An Introduction To The Team (Part 1)


Hi,  I’m Lindsay, a Nutritionist, health and weight loss coach – my main aim in life is to help people eat better and feel better, one meal at a time.   Food can have a positive as well as negative impact on how we feel day to day and I discovered that the hard way.   My nutrition journey began when I become increasing ill due to the food I was eating, it took two years to be diagnosed with coeliac disease.   It was only then I realised the link between health and diet and I haven’t looked back since.

Being a nutritionist doesn’t mean I am perfect – far from it!  (I also understand that because I have a degree in nutrition, my food choices will always be silently scrutinised – I’m ok with it!) I don’t follow any particular diet or style of eating – but if I had to list my food mantras they would be the following:

  1. Eat a lot of vegetables – make them a main or major component in most meals
  2. Eat only when hungry – and stop before you’re full
  3. Eat a lot of nutritious foods – with room for plenty of fun foods that aren’t!
  4. Never, EVER EVER EVER feel guilty about what you’re eating – enjoy it and move on

This is the place to improve your health and life, without the judgments, ridiculous food rules, and dramatic promises that so many ‘healthy diets’ and advice seem to offer.    Because here at Hypno-Nutrition we don’t diet (Hooray!).

With Hypno-Nutrition, you’ll put all your energy into spiraling up — positive motivation for creating a better life in YOUR own unique way.    Here, you’re accepted just as you are right now even when you’re having a hard time being good to yourself.   You’ll get help challenging that negative voice and treating yourself with compassion rather than shame.

As a mother of two (fast growing) children, I find myself wanting to rid the world of harmful “diets” and do everything I can to make society understand there’s more to life (and health) than starving yourself or just eating salad!    As the Nutritionist part of the Hypno-Nutrition team I fight the diet culture by offering a positive way to reframe our approach to health.    I teach people to think for themselves about what they want and then I help them get it through genuine, individual nutrition advice and planning.   One size NEVER fits all and that applies to nutrition too!

If you’re like most people (we’re all a part of diet culture), you may be scratching your head in disbelief.   Losing weight without restrictive diets or 24 hours a day in the gym? You may well be wondering how on the earth that happens!    It’s OK to be uncertain New Start Hypno-Nutrition will show you the way.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for trusting me to guide you toward your better life. It all starts with knowledge and a little bit of self-belief.

Lindsay Redman


What is hypnosis?


I thought I’d write this post to address an issue that we have often come up against with our clients for weight loss and indeed come across in conversation when I mention in social situations that I am a hypnotherapist.

Often, when I am asked what I do and I say that I am a hypnotherapist, people will almost automatically say “Are you going to control my mind?” or “are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?” I think some people are even wary of speaking to me because of their misconceptions of hypnosis sometimes!

Unfortunately, the media propagates an idea of what hypnosis is as mind control and some sort of magical power that the hypnotist has over their subject.

The fact is that hypnosis is nothing like this. Hypnosis is a collaboration between the hypnotist and the hypnotee and what’s more, it is important for the hypnotee to invest their belief and imagination in the process.

I define hypnosis as a guided engagement of the imagination and the use of suggestion to release the possibilities of change of beliefs from what the mind has decided is an unchangeable situation .

This definition does not mention the conscious and unconscious mind (also know as the subconscious mind) because that model is very much a metaphor for how the mind works and, in my view, gives power to the hypnotist with his clucking  chickens- the fact that a person can blame an issue they have on a part of their mind they themselves have no access to is not conducive to self- empowerment. Let’s face it, how much better would it be to know you have the resources to make changes and just need some guidance and collaboration to unlock those resources rather than being told that your problems are down to a part of your mind you have no control of and that needs someone else to delve in to to take control and make those changes.

So when a client comes to me with a problem or issue, I always urge them to engage in the process of hypnosis, believe in the process and be open to the idea that they are in control and that that is a really good way to make changes and to make them quickly!

Our lives and what we do are made up of what we believe we can and cannot do, what we believe is and is not true and what we tell ourselves is and isn’t possible. Hypnosis allows us to challenge those beliefs and even change them- how powerful is that?

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Excuses, Excuses!

Stop Making Excuses!
We all make excuses in life- when we were at school it was why we didn’t do our homework, in later life it may be why we didn’t get that report (or even blog entry!) completed on time.

I am often confronted with various excuses as to why my clients can’t stop eating chocolate, eat healthily, or why they don’t have time for exercise.

Excuses and beliefs go hand <in hand when it comes to stopping you getting where you want to be in life- If you tell yourself the same thing enough, it will become a belief in your mind and beliefs can be very stubborn things when it comes to shifting them.

A lot of what I do as part of the New Start Hypno-Nutrition system involves throwing out those old beliefs and shooting down the excuses that prevent clients from getting the healthy body and mind that they desire. Of course, the most important thing isn’t just getting rid of those old beliefs and excuses- it’s what we replace those beliefs and excuses with that matters- creating a compelling vision of that future self that has made those changes- the self that looks in the mirror and feels good, that shines with excitement when going out to a social occasion because they look so good! That self that has reached and now maintains that perfect size and shape, that enjoys a healthy lifestyle and all the benefits that come with it.
A Realisation!
The subject for this blog came to me recently as I am doing the OutRun for Macmillan sponsored running challenge. I have set myself a target of running a marathon over the space of a month. I wanted to set myself an achievable goal but one that would get me out running instead of just taking the dog for a walk every so often.

My first run went really well- I managed a couple of miles. The second, I managed three miles. Then came the third and a funny thing happened- As I was running my preferred route, I found my internal voice giving me excuses to stop running and to walk for a while. “Check your phone is tracking the run”, “Stop running and have some water- you don’t want to get dehydrated”. It went on like this until with a variety of excuses until I realised what I was doing- giving myself excuses to give up! As soon as I realised this, I changed the internal dialogue to a more positive one- I encouraged myself to keep going and to try and beat the time for my previous mile and that is how I have approached my running since- With a belief that I can do it and that each run will be better than the last.

I saw this as a powerful reminder that I need to do with myself what I do with my clients in the hypnosis sessions for the Hypno-Nutrition programme- get rid of the excuses and believe in myself and my abilities!

The 80/20 Rule

Very few things in life can be considered perfect and the same can be said of your diet. It is very difficult to not look at the cakes when buying your morning coffee, or to say no to dessert when you’ve just eaten a salad. This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play. It is very unlikely that in day to day life you do everything 100% perfectly, so why do we demand that of our diet day in day out? If you want to lose weight effectively and more importantly, keep it off then bear in mind the 80/20 rule.


For 80% of the time eat a healthy, balanced diet and 20% of the time have some well-deserved treats – it really is that simple.


For example, over the course of a week you will eat in the region of 35 different times (based on 3 meals a day and 2 snacks) and you will over the course of the week make 35 different food choices. So 80% of those food choices need to be healthy, for example:


✓ Lots of fruit and veg

✓ Eat good quality protein

✓ Eat good quality wholegrains

✓ Incorporate beans, lentils and nuts

✓ Include nutrient rich fats – olive and coconut oils and avocados

✓ Calcium rich dairy products

✓ Reduce alcohol intake

✓ Increase water intake to approx. 8 glasses per day

✓ Portion control


The remaining 20% of the time, so approximately 7 times a week, relax a bit! A glass of wine, a couple of biscuits, a couple of squares of dark chocolate, your favourite latte or a slice of cake will not bring the world tumbling down. Make sure you eat mindfully though – this means enjoy it, appreciate it, savour the flavour but above all DO NOT feel guilty.


A healthy, balanced diet can accommodate your favourite things but as always in life it is about moderation. Life would be very boring without just a few of the things that we love and enjoy.