An Introduction To The Team (Part 1)


Hi,  I’m Lindsay, a Nutritionist, health and weight loss coach – my main aim in life is to help people eat better and feel better, one meal at a time.   Food can have a positive as well as negative impact on how we feel day to day and I discovered that the hard way.   My nutrition journey began when I become increasing ill due to the food I was eating, it took two years to be diagnosed with coeliac disease.   It was only then I realised the link between health and diet and I haven’t looked back since.

Being a nutritionist doesn’t mean I am perfect – far from it!  (I also understand that because I have a degree in nutrition, my food choices will always be silently scrutinised – I’m ok with it!) I don’t follow any particular diet or style of eating – but if I had to list my food mantras they would be the following:

  1. Eat a lot of vegetables – make them a main or major component in most meals
  2. Eat only when hungry – and stop before you’re full
  3. Eat a lot of nutritious foods – with room for plenty of fun foods that aren’t!
  4. Never, EVER EVER EVER feel guilty about what you’re eating – enjoy it and move on

This is the place to improve your health and life, without the judgments, ridiculous food rules, and dramatic promises that so many ‘healthy diets’ and advice seem to offer.    Because here at Hypno-Nutrition we don’t diet (Hooray!).

With Hypno-Nutrition, you’ll put all your energy into spiraling up — positive motivation for creating a better life in YOUR own unique way.    Here, you’re accepted just as you are right now even when you’re having a hard time being good to yourself.   You’ll get help challenging that negative voice and treating yourself with compassion rather than shame.

As a mother of two (fast growing) children, I find myself wanting to rid the world of harmful “diets” and do everything I can to make society understand there’s more to life (and health) than starving yourself or just eating salad!    As the Nutritionist part of the Hypno-Nutrition team I fight the diet culture by offering a positive way to reframe our approach to health.    I teach people to think for themselves about what they want and then I help them get it through genuine, individual nutrition advice and planning.   One size NEVER fits all and that applies to nutrition too!

If you’re like most people (we’re all a part of diet culture), you may be scratching your head in disbelief.   Losing weight without restrictive diets or 24 hours a day in the gym? You may well be wondering how on the earth that happens!    It’s OK to be uncertain New Start Hypno-Nutrition will show you the way.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for trusting me to guide you toward your better life. It all starts with knowledge and a little bit of self-belief.

Lindsay Redman



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