I’m a qualified nutritionist and sports therapist and I love sharing the benefits of nutrition and health coaching to promote the very best in your own health and wellbeing; quite literally helping you to feel great again from the inside out.

As well as being a qualified Nutritionist, I have also attended training courses in Life Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching and Mindful Nutrition and am therefore well equipped to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and improved weight management.

Start your weight loss journey today:

If you’re overweight, then losing weight can bring you a host of health benefits, not least of all having greater energy levels and higher self-esteem. I have found that the key to successful weight loss is to make small and realistic changes to your diet that can become part of your everyday life.


As your nutritionist and weight loss coach I will be able to help you lose weight by giving you healthy eating advice and healthy recipes. However, alongside this I will also coach you to manage your expectations and motivate you to achieve a realistic weight loss goal.


Your Hypno-Nutrition weight loss journey starts by completing a 7 day food diary and health questionnaires. The treatment strategy is unique to your specific needs, meaning the therapy is far more effective and will produce faster results. Once your food diary and questionnaires are completed you will meet with both your Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist to discuss your goals and challenges for the duration of the plan.